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How it came together

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Meet Terrie

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Hello, how are you? I'm Terrie Bird, and I help parents and caregivers of young children to better connect with them and share about life on their level of understanding.

I do this through my books that tell stories that encourage the children to explore the world around them and learn.

My mission is to awaken children's ability to use their imagination to learn and grow.

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"Talk to Me Mama"

Talk to me Mama is the premiere book in the soon-to-be-launching series by Terrie A Bird

When you buy

a copy of

talk to Me Mama,

you'll also get...

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Collaborative learning, discovering & reading.

Quality time with your child and moments together.

Imaginitive fun and the chance to create new stories.

A chance to talk about your favorite images & words.

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Work with me

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  • Daycare Centers
  • Parenting Associations
  • Libraries
  • Online Communities
  • Podcasts
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